Sabtu, 14 April 2012

~ Malam Gala ASPer 2011/2012


Next upcoming event.

::: Malam Gala ASPer 2011/2012.

::: 15 April 2012.

::: Batch 7 of Asasi Sains Pertanian.

::: Dewan D2, MAEPS.

::: Moonlight and Roses.

this is the night where everybody will gathering. this is the last event before each of ASPerians will take final exam.

our dinner. our roses. our memory. our gift. this is about us. 

Let the memories remains

2 ulasan:

Rozuan Ismail berkata...

theme dia cm tuh, pakai baju apa nanti

geez berkata...

Have fun! ^_^


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