Ahad, 18 Mac 2012

~ apple day.

assalamualaikum dan salam epal buat semua.


from Exco Kebajikan of Hicom. introduce to all of you!

APPLE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha. ayat nak bajet best je.

bak kata Nor Eizzah, 

"Don't want to be forever alone??Everybody!! Spirit of Apple is back!Let's spread your appreciation by giving apples to someone who played important role in your life!!Lecturers... friends.. jeng jeng jeng"

apple-ciation day. let's spread the love to the people that always support us. :) friends and lecturer. :D

goodnight semua.

1 ulasan:

Shifa Jue berkata...

ingat nak bagi apple free td.. hek3..


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