Rabu, 27 Oktober 2010

news at teratak by Truly Gossip.

p/s my evil girl name's lily ~ first chapter ~ april 2010 . jangan lupa komen

truly gossip report here as everybody can read it. well, here I am everybody. don't get mad at me. maybe you hate me bacause I'm too bad when talk about gossip. chill guys.

upper east side~
to SMK Raja Kurshiah, tommorow they have their own party. i mean, their convocation. oppss. upper east side is coming to their body as well Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodson spend their money at Paris. we will see who have the best dress and tuxedo ever. in here, there is no Chuck Bass or wll known Nate Archibald. maybe I can said, fashion like Humphreys maybe present tomorrow.

or i can said~ brooklyn fashion show! well, well, well, when fashion posses their body nothing can deny it even their teacher. err, maybe one or two teacher can kick them out but I believe fashion will spread out tomorrow like Vegas Fashion Show.

i hope every teacher get ready when I said war of fashion will destroy everything including their own attitude. but like the Head Prefect of the Secrets said.

" student at SMK Raja Kurshiah is good enough! back off!"

i hope so, Head Prefect of Secrets. hope you wish in the bless of Allah. i'm also will be there to see the convocation itself and also prepare with my fashion and my catwalk. see it student as like you see the legend walk at the sky.

p/s~ do the best and Allah will do the rest.

XoXo, Truly Gossip.

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

truly gossip.. dadada..good..=)

nina berkata...

upper east side tu nama road kat US lar mr vampire. hehe..

*tau, tiru gossip girl. :P


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