Ahad, 31 Oktober 2010

news at teratak by Truly Gossip.

p/s my evil girl name's lily ~ first chapter ~ april 2010 . jangan lupa komen

hello everyone. here I am after convocation come and go like a sweet wind and I got some gossip here wanna to share. as usual, who doesn't know me, Truly Gossip~ a legend at SMK Raja Kurshiah.

there is it. some fashion at convocation day. there is good and other is not. Or maybe I can tell everyone of you that Humphreys fashion really take over the function. opps. sorry Blair Waldorf, in here there is no hierarci or whatever stuff to show which fashion is good and which fashion is not. in SMK Raja Kurshiah, I'm the power one and can determine who get our crown as a queen n king of the convocation day.

are you one of them, Nate Archibald? i hope so. they're looking very good instead really charming and for the Chuck Bass everyone~anyone could remind him that wake up  fast and go to hell. in K.E.C also have it's own drama. maybe I could say, teen drama. aaa, maybe they think they can get some award when they make a drama.

i hope everyone live well and not live in hell. our drama is our story and this is my job to tell everyone of you what our drama at that day.


even SPM is like hell really near, but the student doesnt feel anything when they just over and over take a picture. maybe they think they just like the legend of SMK Raja Kurshiah. they're really arrogant and also do not care with their environment.

maybe I can said, their attitude really foolish and I wanna slap they once. can I? i hope I can. huh, and also the teacher, why they're really weird and always gossiping around. hello, i'm the one can spread out the gossip. not others, even the teachers.

watch out everybody when I said, gossip is mind and other can go to the their own grieve.

XoXo, Truly Gossip.

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